Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

St. Moritz in Switzerland


The resort Engadin St. Moritz is situated on the southern side of the Swiss Alps, at 1,800 meters above sea level, on the "Roof of Europe". The incomparable harmony of its lake scenery has made the Engadin known throughout the world as the "festival hall of the Alps". The valley averages 322 days of sun a year (the Swiss record!), has mineral sources and a very agreeable climate. Piz Bernina is the only four-thousander in the eastern Alps (4,049 m. altitude). Piz Palü, Piz Corvatsch, Corviglia and Diavolezza are among its other well-known peaks and skiing areas.

Red more about St.Moritz and see more of the beautiful place in photos on the link above. You'll NOT regret, I promise!


Miss Peaches hat gesagt…

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I can't believe that as a Swiss native I have never actually been to St.Moritz... :-)

Susanne49 hat gesagt…

und ich war noch nie in Genf :-))
Danke fuer den Kommentar!

Mag deine beiden Blogs!


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